Babu Frik, a droidsmith for KIJIMI

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After releasing J.F. Sebastian, KIJIMI was already around and some people in the forums said "wouldn't it be cool to have a similar tool for KIJIMI"? I thought yes! Some time after that Black Corporation agreed to offer me a significant discount for a KIJIMI unit if I made such app. I decided to make a Kickstarter campaign to cover the rest of the cost of the KIJMI and it was successfully funded! Thanks backers!

I did this project for the love of synths, and now I have a KIJIMI thanks to it. Nevertheless I spent many hours in the project, and I plan to spend more in the future. Therefore, any help is appreciated. Of course if you already participated in the Kickstarter campaign you already made your contribution. However, if you did not participate in the campaign and are finding Babu Frik useful, you can consider making a donation.

Making a donation is a very nice way to support the development of Babu Frik, past and future, and to allow me to continue developing more fascinating projects like this from which, hopefully, you'll also benefit one day :)



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