J.F. Sebastian, a companion tool for DDRM
J.F. Sebastian, a companion tool for DDRM
Named after a former genetic designer of the Tyrell Corporation, J.F. Sebastian is a creative application that provides new ways to control and explore the sonic possibilities of the Deckard's Dream synthesizer
Timbre Space

Timbre Space

J.F. Sebastian uses machine learning to analyze Deckard's Dream bank files and to construct a colorful Timbre Space that you can use to create new presets. Instead of moving sliders, just click anywhere in the Timbre Space and experiment how the sound changes...

Tone Selector

CS80-like Tone Selector

Want to sound like old CS80 classics? Thanks to the work by Paul Shilling, J.F. Sebastian includes a clone of the original presetting system found in the CS80.

DDRM control panel

Master the sliders

Automate Deckard's Dream parameters, modulate them (need more LFOs?), save and load banks, patch and voice files, copy and swap between channels, randomize sliders...

DDRM control panel

Runs everywhere

J.F. Sebastian can run as an audio plugin (VST3, AU), or as a stand-alone application. For macOS and Windows.

DDRM control panel

Free and Open source

J.F. Sebastian is free and open source. Want to contribute to it? Want to adapt it to your needs? Up to you! Feel generous and want to make a donation? I'll appreciate that a lot :)


Credits and acknowledgements

J.F. Sebastian has been ideated and developed by Rita & Aurora, a sort of fancy branding name I've given to my freelance audio-developer self.

Enormous thanks to Paul Shilling for creating the great CS80 presets bank that has been used for the Tone Selector. Also thanks to Black Corporation for making such a great synth!

Rita & Aurora