Babu Frik, a droidsmith for KIJIMI

Babu Frik, a droidsmith for KIJIMI

Named after a famous droidsmith who's said to be able to reprogram any droid and even make them speak Sith, Babu Frik is a software app that allows you to control and explore the sonic possibilities of the KIJIMI, a synthesizer made by Black Corporation.
Timbre Space

Timbre Space

Babu Frik uses machine learning to analyze KIJIMI's bank files and to construct a colorful Timbre Space that you can use to create new presets. Instead of moving knobs and pressing buttons, just click anywhere in the Timbre Space and experiment how the sound changes...

KIJIMI controls

Take full control of KIJIMI

Control all KIJIMI parameters, not only those of the main panel but also all the extra options otherwise hidden in menu pages, including the 16 LFOs of individual LFO. Automate all these parameters and randomize them to create new sounds.

DDRM control panel

Manage your patches

Save and load patches to/from KIJIMI patch files (.kpatch) or using full bank files (.syx). Import banks from KIJIMI and dump them back to the unit.

DDRM control panel

Cross platform

Babu Frik can run as an audio plugin (VST3, AU), or as a stand-alone application. For macOS and Windows.

DDRM control panel

Free and Open source

Babu Frik is free and open source. Want to contribute to it? Want to adapt it to your needs? Up to you! Feel generous and want to make a donation? I'll appreciate that a lot :)

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Credits and acknowledgements

Babu Frik has been ideated and developed by Rita & Aurora, a sort of fancy branding name I've given to my freelance audio-developer self.

Enormous thanks to Black Corportation and all Kickstarter backers who made this possible!

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Rita & Aurora

The floppy disks image above was made by Flickr user Pad Joyce and is available here under CC-BY-NC license.