J.F. Sebastian, a companion tool for DDRM

DDRM control panel

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I've always been a big fan of the CS80 sound. When I learned about the Deckard's Dream project - a CS80-inspired synth in rack format that would be offered as a DIY kit - I did not hesitate much. I had practically never soldered a single resistor before, but I jumped in and now I have a working Deckard's Dream synthesizer that I'm enjoying a lot.

I'm a music technology researcher and software developer, and I started to have many ideas about how to control the Deckard's Dream with the computer and help me explore its sonic possibilities. The result of all this is J.F. Sebastian. The first prototype, written Javascript, I started in June 2018.

Making a donation is a very nice way to support the development of J.F. Sebastian, past and future, and to allow me to continue developing more fascinating projects like this from which, hopefully, you'll also benefit one day :)



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